Friday, August 05, 2005

Fuelling the nano-express!

Nano is fast becoming the magic password to unlock the secret passages in the academia and research: As Abi notes here , today's Hindu carries two nice articles on nanotechnology and nanoscience. While we are at it, I must also mention this Speaking of Science column of Prof. D Balasubramaniam (published a few months ago in the Hindu) where he calles the nanoparticles the Maxwell's demon of biology. Shankara referred me to a recent editorial titled "Nano-express from New Delhi?" in Nature materials . The editorial makes a reference to inverse Hall-Petch effect (though it does not refer to the work of Chokshi et al - Scripta Metallurgica, October 1989, Volume 23, Number 10, pp. 1679-1684). Prof. Chokshi and his colleagues (like Kotts who recently wrote a review on the deformation characteristics of the nanocrystalline materials for the Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals and published a letter in Scripta Materialia - Volume 53, Issue 8, pp. 887-892 - about the creep deformation in Nano-nickel) continue to fuel the nano-express, and the 8th International conference on Nanostructured materials will be held in Bangalore: See here .


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