Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A bit of romance in a star' s life!

I saw a bright star proposing to another
He was a red giant and she a white dwarf
A million years passed in a while
She still cold at ten thousand degrees Celsius
Not a single kiss in a million years,
And that does not speak well of a star dear
He grew more and more red
She was not willing to go to bed
Then he used his final trick
And exploded as a supernova
And now he and she are together,
And will remain so forever.
-- The proposing star, Dr. V.S.Venkatavardan
Apparently, massive star has a hot partner (at least, according to Science blog); that news brought the above poem to my mind.


Blogger Sugee said...

hey Guru was that the science blog that brought this poem to your mind? Honestly??

4:08 PM  

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