Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mechanical behaviour of metallic glasses

The latest Scripta Materialia carries a viewpoint set on the mechanical behaviour of metallic glasses. Probably, the preface by Prof. Hufnagel is a nice place to begin. To quote from this preface:
Thus, now seems to be an appropriate time to take stock of what we have learned, and to lay out visions for the future of metallic glasses, in terms of both practical applications and new research directions. These are the goals of this viewpoint set, and the papers have been selected with them in mind.

The general enthusiasm for any new class of materials sometimes leads to grandiose claims for the potential of the materials in question. By now, however, enough data has been gathered on a variety of amorphous alloys that we can attempt to replace the hyperbole with more reasoned speculation.
In summary, I believe that this viewpoint set provides a useful snapshot of the current state of knowledge of mechanical behavior of metallic glasses. I fully expect that the future will see continued advances both in our understanding of fundamental aspects of mechanical behavior, as well as new applications of metallic glasses and metallic-glass-matrix composites.
An issue worth taking a look at if your interests are mechanical behaviour and/or metallic glasses.


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