Thursday, August 18, 2005

Have you met Ms. Lia? She is a real bright kid!

TMS , the minerals, metals, and materials society is a professional organization meant for educators, students, industrialists, researchers, scientists, and science administrators who are interested in materials science and engineering. JOM , is a publication of TMS, which carries many items of interest for scientists with non-material specializations: In fact, features like "In the final analysis" editorials of James J. Robinson (Editor, JOM), feature articles on archeometallurgy, and on materials science issues in popular science fiction and fantasy films, which are extremely readable, can be read even by those who have had no exposure to materials technologies.

I met Lia in the End Notes column of May 2005 issue of JOM: Lia (Light In Action) is a 14-year-old science-savvy (Hispanic) girl: apparently, she will be the central character for a multimedia project that will include a television show, book series, web site, traveling museum exhibit, mall show, and classroom experimental kit. And, Lia is a creation of the Boston University's Photonics Center and starts her first official job in September at the website of U.S. National Academy of Sciences . So, find some time to go meet Lia - She is a real bright and cool kid!


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