Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A birds, bees, wasps, and ants talk!

Apparently, eusocial means 'truly social'; and, it is not a classification of political leanings but that of the behaviour of insect communities. There are a few short articles here by Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar about eusociology (and many other things besides - when fathers harass their sons is my particular favourite). In fact, his book Survival strategies is a must read for anybody interested in biology (in general, and, animal behaviour, in particular. Here is a very accesible summary of the book). A more technical article on eusociality by Prof. E.O. Wilson and Hoelldobler, is published in the latest PNAS.


Blogger Sugee said...

That was very thought provoking Guru! I read the article about "How fathers harass sons" really intersting and funny :D
Will buy that book someday...
I wanted to be a doctor and landed up n this field instead..neway keep posting. But one doubt how do you get articles like that one...Was it random are r u reading hoardes of material every day?

10:27 PM  

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