Thursday, September 01, 2005

Movie of a "super"b material!

Helium-4 becomes a superfluid at temperatures below 2 K or so; it is also possible to prepare a Helium-4 crystals by the application of pressure to a cell that contains liquid Helium-4 (which, apparently, is done using piezo-electric cells). I am reading at present about some experiments on the Helium-4 crystals: here is a review by Prof. Balibar and his co-workers (You can also get the review from Prof. Baliabar's personal page). Do not miss the superb movie on the roughening transition and crystallization waves in Helium-4. Till now I only knew about the flow properties of Helium-4. After this movie (and the review), I feel, if liquid Helium-4 is "super", the solid form of Helium-4 is "superb": wouldn't you agree?


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