Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A fluid dynamics feast!

Long back, I heard Prof. Roddam Narasimha in a looking around talk (if I remember correct): it was a talk about ancient Indian mathematics, and it was a remarkably impartial, deeply technical, and wonderfully stimulating lecture. I decided not to miss another talk of his, irrespective of what the topic might be.

I heard Prof. JH Arakeri in a colloquium in the Mathematics Department on fluid dynamics: the talk was titled (if I remember correct) as Fluid dynamics by pictures. His talk was one of its kind- I have never heard anything like it either before or after.

Both Prof. Narasimha, and Prof. Arakeri write in Resonance regularly. And in the, August 2005 issue of Resonance, in which Theodore von Karman is featured, Prof. Arakeri has written the article-in-a-box about Karman, and Prof. Narasimha an article titled "The Challenge of fluid flow". Also, you should not miss the adventure of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in the Classics section (where Karman describes his wind tunnel testing of bridge structures), and the stroll down the Karman street with Govardhan and Ramesh.

So, in this monsoon weather, if there is heaven on earth, it is with Resonance, it is with Resonance, it is with Resonance (and few hot cups of coffee at the coffee house)!


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