Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Two links from /.

Apparently, caffeine prevents liver disease, and, Branden Robinson, one of the maintainers of Debian answers a nice mix of personal and Debian specific questions. So, grab a cuppa and head over to Tux Journal. Here are some of the questions that might interest you: for the answers, of course, you should head to the Tux Journal.
3) Why a person could move to Debian? What are the advantages? What could he do with Debian? And what he couldn't in place of other GNU/Linux distributions?
6) Are there some problems to porting Debian on others architecture?
7) What are your favourite programming languages? Why do you use them?
8) How many hours do you code in your daily life?
12) Could Debian become the premier home-user and desktop operating system?


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