Friday, September 30, 2005

Tool use and gender!

Here is an update on tool use, this time around in chimpanzees.The article also has a comment on my observation about gender differences:

...and that young males are relatively delayed in the social learning of termite fishing, our results show that both sexes can show strong social learning and continue to do so into adulthood.

Long back, I read about Betty and her (lazy and exploitative) partner Abel. Now, from here, I learn about two female gorillas who are adept at tool use. Makes me wonder if females are better innovators; or, is it too stereotypical (and sexist) a comment to make?


Blogger Sugee said...

Should I comment or not comment? I made a google search on this and found (which might r not be true) that there were matriachal societies 5000 years before christ and also some apes and elephants and also some tribes still have matriachal societies? Y is this so no idea!.
Both males and females are equally intelligent but they are intelligent in very diverse areas. The co-existence of both is very important for survival. If either is suppressed the development/ advancment of the species as a whole is obstructed.
Well out of curiosity u have menioned about females of the non-human species what is your stand on human-females or was the blog common to both?

12:06 PM  
Blogger Santonu said...

oh! forget they are gorillas :-)

7:26 PM  

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