Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The pleasures and profit of googling!

I was looking for something else when Google Scholar returned me this review article on electron crystallography. It was published six years ago; so, some of the information might be obsolete. However, for a non-biologist like me, the article read nice--with many "contrary to common intuition" nuggets--and was extremely interesting. Further, since the article tries to answer questions like,
(1) What is the minimum number of molecules that is required to obtain a statistically well-defined, three dimensional density map at 0.3nm resolution? (Yes--It is about nano, after all),

(2) What is the smallest molecule for which data can be merged at 0.3 nm resolution, and,

(3) What is the role of crystals in electron crystallography, etc.,
it might still be relevant. So, in case you have an afternoon free and would like to read something interesting outside your area of specialisation, here you go!


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