Thursday, October 13, 2005

Connecting fiction and science!

Take a look at this opinion column published in the October 2005 issue of Materials Today; here is project SciTalk page. So, if you want to interact with fiction writers, go make yourself a page at SciTalk.

What about scientists who want to write fiction? Well, the idea of fiction is not new to scientists. That venerable Dada of computer science Knuth, for example, wrote Surreal numbers: How two ex-students turned on to pure mathematics and found total happiness. ET Bell and Isaac Asimov wrote memorable science fiction. Further, the best scientific communication, be it a talk or paper, happens when it is (almost always) structured like a mystery novel. In fact, in my opinion, good mystery novels approximate scientific writing. So, if you have that irresistible urge to write fiction, why not start today?


Blogger Sugee said...

was busy with exams
Talking about fiction they actually help discover new things, i was wondering if these sci-fi movies and novels are really helping us to make new discoveries and inventions. One movie that i watched "Contact" is also a scifi movie it gives a concept of travelling to another galaxy where the rocket is powered by intense electromagnetic energy and nothing else! even to leave earth-no fue!!, it wont be surprising if someone really comes up with the same concept in real life!
nice post!

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